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How to live happily together, part 2

Do you ever think about being angry with the world for making you better at what you do? Do you have bad feelings towards your boss because he wants to have a good employee and they expect a lot? Probably not, because you automatically assume that work is the space where you have to do your best. Why not then take the same assumption about a relationship? It is the same job, but in a slightly different space. Here you have to work hard, just the same, otherwise you will miss your chance for happiness. Unfortunately, many people for unknown reasons assume that working hard towards achieving a career goal is quite natural and striving for a great relationship - strange. As a general rule, they are in a very unhappy relationships.

For those who are not scared at the fact that they have to fight for a great relationship and do it every day, here are some relationship tips for women and men on how to build your own happiness.

Listen to each other - let as much as possible connect you

It is difficult to make two people have identical interests or passions. This, practically speaking, is impossible. Nevertheless, it is possible for one to be willing to listen to what the other is absorbed about. If you find the patience to learn about your partner’s passions, hobbies and their work, you also in turn will require them to listen to your joys, accomplishments and mistakes, you both will have a feeling that you are connecting on many levels. Showing the other person that you value them for what they can do well, that you are proud of them, strengthens the relationship. Likewise, it is possible to demonstrate understanding in situations when something did not go as planned for your partner.

Seeking common pleasures

This is the second thing that you both have to take care of, seek common joys and pleasures, as many as possible. Let it be small things - a time spent together reading your favourite books, shared breakfast, a walk, nice time spent on doing nothing. It is important for you to be able to break away from the world together and to learn to cultivate small joys together. It is important to learn to enjoy being in each others company.

Sincere talks

And finally, what is most important, without which no relationship will be successful - sincere conversations. This art must be trained when we are still in a state of great euphoria when love opens us to the needs of the other person. You cannot let it disappear in a relationship. How does the other person know what you are upset about, what you are afraid of, what you are dreaming of, what you want and most importantly, what do require of them, if you do not tell them?

Do not let yourself put off important conversations for some time. Unfortunately, it is easy to lead to such a stage that the wall between you will grow and become unbreakable. No words will pass through. Therefore - talk every day, try to show maximum understanding and patience for each other.


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