personal development top tips - making the dreams come true is possible if you create a precise, time bound plan of realisation

How to fulfill dreams and achieve goals, part 2

To achieve what you dream of, you need to know well what it is, to have a clearly defined goal. Because if you do not know where you are going, you get nowhere. That is not where you want to be. This truth is seemingly obvious, however, when you put it into practice it ceases to be so simple. It is because achieving goals or fulfilling dreams, requires self-discipline, unwavering belief in success and a huge amount of patience. As we wrote in the first part of the article about fulfilling dreams – the path is difficult, but extremely rewarding. Below we list some of the best personal development tips.

Set a very precise goal

First you need to clearly define your goal, so that your brain will help you to realise it and focus on it. Remember – your brain needs specifics. If you decide „I want to be rich,” this will not necessarily mean that you will become rich. Because what does it really mean to you „ to be rich”? Is it having a million pounds or just a few hundred thousand? Until you precisely specify your goal, you will not be able to achieve it, because you really do not know where you are heading.

Write your goal on a piece of paper

Researchers studying the operations of the brain has long proved that anything that is written down, has a double power. If you write down your goals on paper, you have an infinitely better chance of achieving them than if you were just thinking about them.

A written goal must be clear, positive, written in the first person (I or we). There cannot be any negatives present. You have to write: „Next year I earn (this much) money,” not „I will pay all my debts.” The word „debt” is saturated with bad emotions. Although the sentence that declares you getting rid of debts sounds good, but in fact it is quite stressful for the brain. Therefore, the goal must be formulated in positive terms that will motivate you.

Write down why you want to achieve the goal

This may seem like a waste of time, but believe us, it is a necessary step on the way to achieving goals. You have to write down as many possible reasons why you want to achieve it. What will give you wealth? What will you gain from earned money? How will you use them?

Set aside a specific amount of time for writing down the reasons why you want to achieve the goal. It does not need to occur immediately, during one day. It may take you several weeks. It is important that such a list existed, because it significantly increases motivation.

Specify the deadline

Yes, it's stressful. Immediately you probably think: "What if it does not work?". Sure, you may not be able to fit in the specified time. Then you move the deadline further. At some point you will reach it, and this is most important. You may ask then, why save the date, when you may not manage to meet the deadlines? This is again a very important message for your brain – it will know that it has to do everything to help you achieve it within the deadline.

Make a plan of action

At the end write down all the necessary steps that you need to take to achieve your goal. Ask yourself: "What do I have to do to become rich, or to get (such and such) amount of money?". Asking questions is a clear signal to the brain, that it should give you the answer.

Create a kind of brainstorming session, at the beginning write down what comes to mind. Even if the ideas will seem bizarre. Later there will be time to verify. Write down at least 20 answers.

Then, determine what you can do and in what order. Set, of course, the time limit in which you will fulfill every step and get to work. Do not give up, doubt, no matter how hard it will be. This is the only way to achieve dreams.


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