The ability to not fall into a manner of hurting oneself is a very important personal development tip

What not to do to yourself, part 2

It is shocking that a grown man, instead of a taking care of their own happiness with full commitment and do everything to feel completed and full of energy, boycott themselves. They do many bad things, make wrong decisions, as if they deliberately tried to move away from their happiness and a better life. In a previous article we discussed several problems which a person must overcome wishing to find fulfillment in life. Below is a list of further examples of what not to do to yourself and the best personal developments tips.

Stop leaving your needs at the end of the list

You have a job, a house, partner, children, friends - and seemingly, looking from the outside it would appear that you have everything to be happy. And suddenly it turns out that you are totally unhappy, because for years you take care of the needs of others, forgetting about yourself. This is a fundamental mistake. You're just as important as everyone else you care and think about. Remember, if you do not respect yourself, no one will. If you sacrifice your life for others, you will not get gratitude. Do not count on it. Everyone will think that they deserve your attention and you do not have any needs. So - always check whether all your needs are also met or you are the last in line.

Stop wasting time on meaningless things

Treasure your time. Life is short; it has to be used wisely and to the maximum. Do not let anyone tell you that doing anything, as long as you are doing something, can be the meaning of life, because it's not true. You feel that your own life gives you joy, satisfaction and provokes you to do completely new things. Do not put off important things and pleasures, telling yourself that there will be a time for it later. The time may not come, that's the sad and cruel truth, because life likes to surprise everyone. Therefore - use your life here and now.

Stop blaming others for your problems

This is a very effective method of moving the responsibility from yourself for a bad life, the fear of dreams coming true and existing for the sake of it. Is it perfectly easy to blame your failures on parents, husband, children, friends, boss, co-workers and whoever else you also know. If you do not take responsibility for your own life and for your mistakes, you will never find happiness and inner peace. You will always wait until someone will do something for you. You will look forward to a lucky moment and some miraculous event that will change your life. Unfortunately, it does not work like that, you have to take care of your own life.

Do not waste your time with people who do not deserve attention

Do not spend time with people who are depressing, speak ill of the world, do not feel the urge to change themselves, do not feel the need to alter their lives and cope with problems. Such people will always bring you down to their level and not allow you to grow. Do not claim they are your friends, because in actual fact they are just waiting for your failure to confirm their theory that the world is completely useless.


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