online fashion magazines on modern wedding invitations sometimes resemble small art pieces

Wedding invitations

Forms, sizes, shapes, colours and concepts of wedding invitations are endless. You can opt for something subdued or mad, elegant and traditional in form, or completely unique in design. You can leave the design to specialists or create them yourself. You just have to remember that wedding invitations will be one of the loveliest souvenirs of this very special day. What is fashionable? Let our online fashion magazines advise you.

What needs to be in the wedding invitation?

Do not, of course, forget to enter the wedding date, place and time of the ceremony. When filling these exceptional cards in you need to be very careful and check who is invited only to the wedding reception and who is also invited to the ceremony. For the wedding reception invites, it must contain information where the reception is held and what time the party starts. If you organise a wedding far from the church or the office, add a map for visitors, who may not necessarily be able to access a sat nav.

Request to R.S.V.P.

For your comfort, so you do not have to unnecessarily spend money to treat someone at the wedding who does not appear, you might want to enter a date on the invitation, which will determine the deadline for confirmation of the presence of the guest. You can also put a French mark R.S.V.P., which means the guests are requested to confirm their arrival.

If you prefer your guests to confirm their presence by telephone, record a phone number on the invitation, whether it be the bride and groom or the witnesses.

When to send out invitations

Customarily sending invitations begins three months before the ceremony. You have to give your guests enough time to plan a possible holiday from work, organise a baby-sitter and, above all, for the purchase of gifts, which is not usually a simple task. There is an unwritten tradition that the bride and groom personally deliver invitations to the guests living in the vicinity. For those who live far away, the invitations are sent by post- it is good to follow them up with a call to make sure that they were received.


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