wedding dresses tips online - it should be chosen based on fashion as well as the season

Wedding dress and a season

The bride is, needless to say, the center of attention to all invited wedding guests. Everyone, fully attentively, looks at her, and therefore to dazzle them, brides compete in choosing the most beautiful dresses for weddings.

Fortunately, wedding fashion moves away from tradition, allows for diversity, breadth and imagination. Now the bride can freely choose a dress matching her temperament and character and can dress boldly or comfortably. There is no obligation to wear a longish veil, the dress does not have to have the train that rests on the ground. Privileges of freedom of choice.

Spring-summer wedding dresses

Here, much depends on the season fashions and trends. So, for example spring-summer 2016 voted for dresses showing arms and legs. Dresses with thin straps, very delicate, subtle and sensual, but at the same time elegant.

Another trend, for the brave, promoted dresses with airy, light, jagged bottom. Asymmetry was also in fashion.

Spring and summer 2016 also revealed the back - dresses with a heavily cutout back were popular. Here, everything depended of course on the bride’s preferences and tastes.

Autumn and winter dresses

You never know if the autumn weather will not play a trick on you, so it's definitely advisable to be safe than sorry and keep the overcoat handy. In winter, clearly, it’s impossible to just wear a wedding dress. Not only your health will suffer, further more your reputation will be tarnished – people will say that you try to save on the most important moment of your life.

Brides, deciding to get married in autumn or winter, can choose a matching cape, long poncho or knitted shawl, long or short fur to go with their dress. You can select white, cream or subtle shades of brown which will go beautifully with the wedding dress. The stores also sell long, light and elegant coats with a large collar or fur cuffs. It is also worth remembering about matching gloves.It makes no sense to worry that your overcoat will hide your unique wedding dress - you'll have a chance to show it many times during the day.


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