To create a good relationship you have to be a little similar and a little different from your partner

Who creates a better relationship?

We could create millions of recipes for a good relationship, but this will not work if the two people that are put together have nothing in common. On the other hand if two people are very alike in everything they do, sooner or later the relationship will be covered by cobwebs and they will die of boredom. So what’s best?

Fire vs. water

There is no doubt that the opposites are attractive because they complete each other. Each person brings something that’s theirs into the relationship, something new and fresh which is alien to the other person. On an “in love” stage, dating and seeing each other’s difference of characters is definitely fascinating. It is intriguing.

The problem starts undoubtedly when two people with completely opposite views, passions and often conflicting character traits decide to live together. After time this relationship will become difficult and then hard to handle.

Traveller and a stay-at-home

The easiest example is putting a traveler together with a stay-at-home person. One has an unsettled nature, is always about, everything fascinates them, they constantly want to discover, they treat their house like a timely haven. They wash their clothes, collect all the food and then are ready for the journey again.

All this will be unbearable for the stay-at-home person, who loves peace, routine, establishes lifestyle and who leaves the house when they have to.

One will start throwing in the face of the other their lifestyle, starts attacking that they are being left on their own and alone. They will both say that each of them is right and the other moves away from them. We can’t see how those completely different people could create a happy relationship. It is hard to even suggest a long distance relationship as this one properly only exists in theory.

Two hotheads in one house, or a recipe for war

Another simple but very meaningful example. If under one roof we move in two people who have a fiery temperaments things will happen! Those people will start attacking each other about the littlest of things and will fight about details. Their life will become a constant war, never-ending trying to prove to the other person they are right. Some people might say that arguments give the relationship the fire it needs. This is only a theory and a lost one, because somewhere in the subconscious there will be this belief that the other person is the enemy. No one wants to be constantly attacked. Especially about any small detail.


As always – balance, which is priceless in life. Some differences and some similarities. To add to it also; continuous and everlasting work on the relationship. If you talk honestly about your preferences, passions and the things you don’t like or won’t tolerate you can create a good relation with anyone.


Author: Bien Magazine

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