Online magazines uk help with planning your wedding and preparations six months prior to the event

Bride’s calendar, Part 1

Preparations for the wedding require not just any logistic capabilities. But what the bride needs to go through, is for some women a real ordeal. They want to be beautiful, look like a princess, have a flawless complexion, radiant smile and dazzle everyone around with their charm. How do they prepare? It is best to use the Bride’s Calendar developed by specialists, thanks to which you will not miss any important stages of your preparation. Online fashion magazines advise. 

Six months to the wedding

a) Diet

Buy a pass for the gym, swimming pool, go to dance classes - where you have a chance to move, lose weight and gain a beautiful silhouette. If you have suitably strong will you can exercise by yourself at least three times a week. It would be also good if you did some running or rode a bike. Try to exercise, spend a lot of time out in the fresh air. Under no circumstances use a draconian diet. Eat regular, healthy meals, avoid sweets and do not eat late in the evening.

b) Taking care of your skin and hair

Drink plenty of still mineral water, which will cleanse your body of toxins and moisturise your skin.

When you decide what hairstyle you will wear on your wedding day, start to take care of your hair. If you cannot decide, trim your hair in moderation, but only the tips so you can always choose an elegant braid. After washing, apply a hair lotion or conditioner. Once a week, apply a regenerating mask.

Three months to the wedding

a) Teeth whitening

Use whitening toothpaste which will lighten the enamel or book yourself in for a whitening treatment with your dentist. Like fire - avoid coffee, black tea, cigarettes and red wine, because you undo all the effects of whitening treatments.

b) Regular skin care

Cleanse your face daily, tone and moisturise the skin, use a day cream with a filter and moisturising creams for the night. If you have a problem with your skin, visit the beautician now and then repeat those visits every month.

Use properly selected scrub and face masks. If you have skin redness (couperose skin), decide on the treatments to reduce their visibility.

c) Eliminate cellulite

Start the day with a shower using hot and cold water. Use an anti-cellulite gel in the shower. Once a week do a full body scrub, paying particular attention to the thighs and buttocks. Rub Anti-cellulite and firming products into your skin.

d) Look after hands and feet

Every week, have a foot scrub, remove thickened skin on the heels and apply a foot mask. Every evening apply a foot cream.

For your hands to be smooth and soft, after each contact with water, apply some hand cream. Once a week, make a special infusion for your hands, body scrubs or massage in a hand mask. You can make an appointment with a nail technician. Remember to perform all housework while wearing gloves.

Month to the wedding

a) Dye your hair

If you plan to dye your hair, do it now. The same thing goes if you decided to radically change your hairstyle. Reshresh the hair cut a week before the wedding.

b) The bust and neckline

Use firming creams daily for breasts and cleavage and once a week use a delicate exfoliating scrub for the face.

c) Look after your back

You can get rid of the small pimples on your back by using a body scrub – you can do it yourself by using a brush with a long handle. And, of course, use a moisturising lotion to refresh the skin on your back.


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