Bien Magazine - It is important to be familiar with the superstitions regarding weddings on specific days of the week

Wedding and the day of the week

In many cultures and throughout different parts of the world there are many superstitions connected to the day of the wedding. It is worth knowing that the beliefs often reach legendary or even mystic times and have been repeated for thousands of years. What is strange is to this day they have a lot of power and influence on the decision of young people who want to get married. Even though it is now the twenty first century, wedding superstitions still effectively complicate the lives of young couples. Online fashion magazines and Bien Magazine have looked into this matter.

Wedding on a Saturday

Let’s start from a Saturday as the one of the most popular wedding days. One would think that the most important thing is the convenience of the day, the free time of the weekend which can be spent on wedding fun. It turns out that for centuries Saturday has a symbolic meaning in the Western culture as a day which brings the change of happiness and unhappiness, is the reflection of real life, where the whole time is not perfect or bad.

Wedding on a Sunday

Even though Sunday, according to tradition, is an absolute guarantee of happiness in marriage, there are not many couples who choose this day for the wedding day. The superstition about lucky Sunday probably started from the belief that the Sunday starts the week – so the marriage has a good start. In Christian religion Sunday is a holy day, therefore it is perfect for a wedding.

Wedding on a Monday

Monday is a day which will guarantee the young couple health. It is hard to ask why. It is worth knowing though that many other beliefs, which began in medieval times, Monday’s were considered as a very bad day to get married on. On Monday no one did any important business and no major decisions were made. Most importantly no one bonded for a whole life in the marriage matrimony.

Wedding on Tuesday

Wedding on a Tuesday brings with it wealth, which everyone who wants the fortune to turn to them consider.

Wedding on a Wednesday

Here there are many contradictions. On one hand Wednesday will bring the marriage prosperity, because as the day dedicated to Saint Anthony, patron of happy marriages would be a perfect wedding day. On the other hand there is a belief that Wednesday is also dedicated the gods of war for example Odin and bring many marital conflicts and fights over petty things.

Wedding on a Thursday

According to beliefs Thursday will bring financial loses, therefore it should be avoided. Even ancient Romans and Greeks believed that a Thursday wedding will bring happiness only to the highborn.

Wedding on a Friday

Friday is a symbol of suffering, portrayed through Christianity with Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday, so few will decide to get married on that day. However, ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Friday’s bring luck and happily choose this day for their weddings.  


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