tips for child care, teach your child that hygiene can be funand they will not avoid the bathroom

How to make your child enjoy having a wash?

You cannot let your child not wash their hands, brush their teeth, have a bath, trim their fingernails or have a haircut. Maintaining daily hygiene is mandatory, because the child learning to understand the world, being full of energy gets dirty at a worrying pace. It is a process to teach a child that hygiene is important. It usually requires a lot of patience and time – possibly even 2 to 3 years repeating the same things to create a good habit in your child. To accelerate the process it is worth changing the chore into a game. Here some advice from online magazines for women.

Washing hands

Kids have a problem with a bar of soap. It slips through their little, helpless hands, so it is hard not to understand why they don’t like using it. To help the child enjoy washing their hands, you could buy them a colourful liquid soap that smells like sweets, which will become somewhat of a toy. Another method is to suggest to the child to wash their toys or Lego blocks. In the same time they will wash themselves.


Bathing is another problem hard to crack. Kids, even those who later in life can’t imagine a life without a pool, used to hate baths. As soon as you run the bath you have to start looking for your child who hides under the bed, in the wardrobe or try to pull them off the door frame. Of course all those actions are accompanied by the dramatic, heart wrenching screaming. How do you help your little ones enjoy the bath?

First of all you have to provide the child with many colourful, floating, interesting toys – ducks, figurines. If they have a bath full of little colanders to drain, buckets, something to stir things with they will definitely be happy. You can also find eco friendly paints and crayons to draw on the tiles. You can also make a rule that the only place they are allowed to blow bubbles is in the bath.

Brushing teeth 

And another bathroom horror – brushing teeth. Here, you can take your kids shopping and allow them to choose a toothbrush on their own and a toothpaste in an appropriate colour. We are sure the electric toothbrush will be very attractive – for older kids of course.

During the teeth brushing procedure you can tell stories about bacteria, who are destroyed by the hero toothbrush. The child can brush their teeth to the sounds of their favourite music. They can also name their teeth and brush every single one of them to make them beautiful, clean and shiny.


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