Bien Magazine - If you have the tendency to forget about your home garden, you have to get plants for the busy

Potted plants for people in a hurry

Those who love potted plants, know how much cosiness and ambience they can bring into the home. Unfortunately, plants have a considerable drawback. They need to be watered, taken care of and you also need to know the right time of year to re-pot them. Even avid gardeners are able to ruin plants through no fault of their own.

Online magazines for women advise that the key to the good health of flowers and plants, is most commonly sclerosis of their owner, who forget to water them. Plants, unfortunately, do not want to live without water, but there is a solution.

Plants for the busy

Those who spend a lot of time at work and constantly forget their green friends, without which they cannot imagine their house, should obtain plants for the busy. There are plants that react badly to regular watering, or using the advice of professionals. They grow like crazy when you leave them to themselves and water them from time to time, when you remember.

How to deal with orchids

Orchids are generally perceived as very demanding flowers. Everyone has their own method of taking care of them. Some soak them in water at night, trim them, or even expose them to draft. There is so much advice that you can go crazy from reading it all.

One of our readers, who inspired the article, advised us, that she stopped taking care of her orchids, when after using all different techniques from the internet she ended up with shoots without any leaves. Disappointed, she put the orchids on the window sill, watered them twice a week, and left to themselves, began to grow beautifully. Our reader just added a special orchid fertilizer to the water and they flourished for eight months. It turned out that there was no point in over-caring.

How to care for succulents

These flowers are dedicated, above all, to the forgetful. They can survive with a small reserve of water. But, as our reader examined, they do not really like big pots. They feel better in small ones, where they grow rapidly. Watered with water containing fertilizer for orchids they feel truly fantastic.


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