Online dating tips help to get through a first date

What not to do on a first date

If you have no experience in dating, because you lead a single life of stubbornness, the first date can give you a true headache and not just any stress. For the date to be successful, so you do not have to remember for months all the compromising behaviour or words, find some advice here about what not to do or how to talk on a date.

Do not hide your anxiety

It makes no sense to explain to the guy you are seeing that you are not stressed out by the whole situation, if your hands are shaking so hard that you spill your tea from a cup. If you feel you are not in control of the situation, tell him honestly. If he is a wise man, he will understand.

Turn your nervousness into a joke. You must remember that also for him the first meeting (even for a dating addict – with you he meets for the first time), so definitely, he is also a bit nervous.

And the last issue - somewhat intimidated women make an invariably good impression on a man!

What not to talk about on your first date?

To make you feel comfortable, talk about things close to your heart - work, hobbies, what you like, what makes you happy. Remember that under no circumstances you should complain or moan, speak ill of your activities or tasks. It always gives a terrible impression.

In addition - do not criticise yourself, do not talk about your flaws. If your partner gives you a compliment, do not disparage his words - smile nicely and thank him. Be satisfied with the praise. Do not say that he is wrong; do not reveal all the shortcomings of your beauty or character.

Express interest

First of all – keep eye contact with your datee, if someone stares at the table while answering questions it gives a terrible impression.

The second thing - try to express interest in what you hear. If they talk about something you have not got knowledge of, you can always ask them about it. Do not panic if the topic seems alien to you. This may work both ways.

Try to listen, do not show boredom, because it is impolite. If your partner gets bored, you can steer the conversation onto other tracks.

Do not expect too much

Do not assume anything before the date; do not create ideas or plans in your head (although sometimes it is hard to get away from it). If the person with whom you meet will be right for you, you can meet again. If not - no one tells you to continue with the relationship.

When you hear from your partner’s mouth something that does not fit your views it is important that you do not get discouraged right away, people differ from one another – you cannot change that. Treat the date as a nice experience and good fun. Do not assume that you will meet the love of your life. What will be, will be.


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