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Small Changes You Can Make To Your Diet in 2018

Are you looking for a change and want to try something new? A few small changes can mean wonders for your eating habits over the upcoming year. Take a look!

Make Your Portion Size Reasonable

Plates are growing much bigger than they were even just a few years ago, and it can be difficult to uncover exactly how much you should eat at any given meal and how big those snacks in between meals should be. Toning it down a little can mean a lot in terms of the calories you're consuming at each meal. Do a bit of research to get the right portion size, and consider investing in a set of smaller plates for meals at home. If you're still hungry, don't forget to slow down while you eat. People tend to eat much more quickly than they should today, and eating a bit slower can help you feel fuller on less.

Consider What You Drink

If you are still consuming sugar-laden sodas and sports drinks, it may be time to cut back on those kinds of drinks. Think about switching to water or plain, black coffee. This may also be a good time to dump the sugar in your tea as well.

Add New Foods

This might be a great time to add some new (healthy) choices to your diet. Eat a wide variety of foods, including many different fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonably may help you add some of those new foods. For example, two of your best bets in January throughout the UK are kale and carrots. By the time you reach March, though, you can switch to other fresh options like spring greens.

Go for Half

If you make half of every plate you consume fruits and vegetables, you'll naturally consume fewer fats and carbohydrates. Remember, the more colourful your array, the healthier you'll be in the long run.

2018 is your year! Take advantage of little changes like these to become healthier and happier in the new year.


Author: Bien Magazine (Mindy)

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