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Important questions to ask before the wedding

When people love each other, they feel they have found the right person and everything seems possible. They both believe that life will turn out great on its own. Unfortunately, very often it is not that easy. Therefore, it is important to talk about few important issues before you get married. Make sure there are not too many drastic differences between you, which you may have not noticed due to being head over heels in love. Here are some relationship tips for women and men and suggestions for topics that you cannot ignore under any circumstances, because someday it can come back and hurt you.

Do you both want to have children?

This problem turns out to be extremely difficult to solve when suddenly, after some time of being happily married, one of the parties does not seem to have the slightest desire for children, but for some reason did not have the courage to say it before the wedding. The becomes a powerful and very difficult problem to solve.

So talk about this before marriage. Be honest about whether you want to be parents or whether this decision seems alien to you. It does not make sense to think that you may grow into this role at some point. Yes, it can happen. Nevertheless, if one of the parties strongly wants to have children and the other cannot imagine ever being a parent, then it is absolutely worth having that discussion.

What is your view on money?

If one of you loves spending money without restrictions and the other is passionately saving money, this can work when you are dating. In marriage everything will change. You will have to adapt to the views or preferences of your partner. Decide if you will have a separate account or a joint one in the future. Who will repay the current loans, or debts or other liabilities? - if you have any of those of course. Do not hide any sensitive financial issues from each other, because if they ever come out, the whole matter can tremendously shake your relationship. Remember, trust is a difficult thing to rebuild.

What are your relations with your parents?

You must also seriously talk about your relationship with your parents. It does happen that one of the partners is very close with their family, allowing them to significantly interfere in their life. The question is, will the other partner be able to stand it? Will they agree? Determine whether there will be any boundaries as to how your relationships with parents and in-laws will look like when you create your own family.

Talk about your future and your plans. Determine the rhythm of work, whether you plan to work at home and for yourself, in your own company or be employed by someone else. Do you want to live in the country or go abroad? Will you stay in your place or will you move house? What is your view on careers? Do you want to just concentrate on it or are you happy to logically share the time between work and family?

There are many questions. As we have written before, you cannot postpone discussing important issues for later, because then it may be too late. Do not expect that everything will work itself out. Unfortunately, it is not how things work.


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