Sacrifice as much time as needed to pick the most suitable wedding venue

Picking a perfect wedding venue

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the place of a wedding reception is very significant. After all, it determines the comfort of your guests, as well as yours. Other crucial factors are the venue’s rental price, a space for a band (assuming that you want one to play at your wedding reception) and accommodation for the guests. Of course, finding a wedding hall that would suit you 100% is very difficult. Therefore, it should meet as many of your expectations as possible.

Wedding venue’s size

Size of a wedding hall should be determined by the number of guests you wish to invite. According to experts, a too small hall is better (but only a little better) than a too large hall. This is because a dancefloor in a smaller venue will always be full. You must admit that a few people dancing in a large space can leave a negative impression. Moreover, smaller spaces work better when it comes to light effects, which build up the atmosphere of a wedding reception.

Wedding venue’s hire cost

When doing a research regarding a wedding hall’s rental costs, it’s worth focusing on a few significant factors. Does the price include ornaments, cakes, snacks and beverages? Does the owner charge any additional fees for the alcohol you bring yourself? How much is the advanced payment? What happens if some guests can’t show up? And finally, does the venue have a free parking space? It’s crucial to settle all these matters before the wedding so that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Wedding venue’s location

Think about a location that will be the easiest to reach for your guests. Also, take renting a van into consideration. Another significant thing – is the location picturesque? This is crucial if your guests wish to relax outside.


It’s quite obvious that food is one of the most important elements of every wedding reception. The majority of venues offer very rich menus. Some of them also offer you to taste the food in advance. There’s no doubt that the reputation a particular venue has is something worth taking into consideration. Check out the online opinions about the wedding hall you’re considering to rent.


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