Perfect wedding makeup matching the choice of dresses for weddings is best left to the professionals

Perfect wedding makeup

Wedding makeup must be perfectly matched to the bride’s beauty type, match her choice of dresses for a wedding and her hairstyle. Do you have an idea how to go about it? If not, trust the professionals, there are many of them in this industry. Ultimately, you will spend the rest of your life looking at those wedding photos.

For those interested, what should the perfect wedding makeup look like?

Take care of your skin                          

A lot depends on your skin type. Therefore, care must be taken in advance so that you do not spoil your party with smudged makeup. First - the skin needs to be moisturised and nourished properly. The next step is a primer and then foundation that unifies its color. In order to achieve best photos and for your face not to appear flat, we apply countouring to the cheeks, jaw line and forehead as well as the blusher.

You must remember that a good wedding makeup corrects and improves not only the facial features, but also the neckline, shoulders, or even the back. Firm and highlighted skin will perfectly showcase your wedding jewellery.

Makeup emphasises beauty and reflects temperament

Wedding makeup must match the bride’s skin colour, eyes, hair, the wedding dress and also the flower bouquet. It turns out that creating this look is a real challenge.

We are moving away from the old tendency of only using pastel colours in the wedding makeup. Cold colours are now also in fashion.

Setting the wedding makeup

Many young brides skip this very important step, which they later regret. While stressed, in the warmth of the wedding hall, while dancing, when the face gets sweaty, makeup can unfortunately play a nasty trick and not aesthetically smudge. Therefore, do not forget about the special face spray that sets the makeup. Spray can be found in makeup stores.

Tell the professional what you like

Every professional arranges a wedding makeup trial. Then the bride should either bring some of her photos to present her favourite makeup style or tell a professional about it precisely. The point is to make the makeup match the style of every woman – those who value ​​discreet makeup will feel badly wearing heavy eyeshadow and dark lipstick. And, of course, the other way round. It is important for the bride to feel as comfortable as possible on this important day.


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