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Wedding superstitions

Even those who are completely immune to superstition, for unknown reasons they believe them during their wedding. Even the bride, who is an extreme rationalist, suddenly will not want to show herself to the groom before the wedding in a white dress, because, according to superstition, their marriage will be a drama or a disaster. It turns out that there are plenty of funny superstitions regarding this most important day. In our text, here at Bien Magazine we talk about just a few.

Wedding in the month with the letter

Apparently though no one knows why you should only get married in the month where there is a letter R present in its name. However, we know many couples that had the “R” in their wedding month, but that did not guarantee their marital happiness. On the other hand, reportedly the most fortunate will be those who get married during Christmas or Easter.

The dress and shoes of the bride

The bride should not sew her own wedding dress and is certainly not allowed to try it on without a good reason, because it brings bad luck. The wedding dress is only worn for the fitting.On the other hand, shoes in which the bride will get married should be placed on a windowsill to allow the luck to fly into them. Shoes should be closed-sandals or flip flops are out of the question - because the shoes with open toes bring misfortune.

Pearls on the neck of the bride

Middle-aged or even older ladies present gracefully with pearls around their neck. Unfortunately, this type of accessory, according to superstition, brings bad luck and misfortune. Apparently, the bride cannot have real pearls in her outfit.

The bride's bouquet

In the bride’s bouquet there cannot be any thorny roses - thorns symbolise hardship, misery and pain. If the bride insists on the roses, all thorns must be removed.In addition, creating a bridal bouquet, you need to remember about the so-called flower meaning, which is, their symbolism. Crocuses and pansies are a symbol of the disbelief in the truth of feelings. Yellow roses are a symbol of jealousy. What will work, for example is a hyacinth, which symbolises an attachment.

Do you want to govern in your marriage?

Superstitions clearly say how the bride should behave if she wants to be the dominant party in marriage. Well, she must cover part of the groom’s shoe with the hem of her wedding dress, of course, during the ceremony. She also cannot let the groom slip her wedding ring to the end of her finger, otherwise he will rule at home.


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