With a little effort you can save a lot following those wedding dresses tips online and more

How to save money when planning a wedding

Where there is a will there is a way - says an old proverb. If you are committed you will be able to save quite a bit of cash at the wedding or wedding reception, without giving up on the extravagance, without giving the guests the feeling that they were invited by a horribly greedy young couple. How do you plan all this successfully?

We save on a wedding dress

Many young brides will probably cringe with reluctance just thinking about saving on dresses for weddings, bought for the sole purpose of wearing it during the most wonderful day of her life. The problem is that in fact the dress will only be used once and paying for it often requires a lot of money. Bridal shops are helpful here, because you can get really unique models of dresses there. It is also worth attending the wedding fairs or checking wedding sites, where sometimes they have attractive discounts and promotions. Of course, be vigilant when you see a blatantly low dress prices - then the seller may turn out to be untrustworthy and should be avoided at all cost.

The groom can buy his elegant suit in the same way.

Wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet does not have to cost a fortune. You can create a small and stylish, charming bouquet for the bride.

If you decide to dress your wedding venue with vivid flowers, it is worth considering the cost. Sometimes even tiny decorations of cut lily of the valley, daisies, or even wild flowers can give the place a special charm. You should ask for advice from an experienced florist, who can conjure wonders even with a small budget.

How to save on a wedding dinner

If you assume that the wedding dinner and following number of dishes may not be particularly big, you can go in turn towards the designer way of serving food. It is worth to get acquainted with the art of food design, to offer guests beautifully served, elegant, extremely sophisticated dishes. In this case, the plate is not filled to the brim, it is rather "designed" - the dishes are small, but it is so well composed and arranged that it feels like there is a lot of it. It gives a feel of a fine dining.

Just give it a little thought and you'll be able to plan a wedding menu and not go bankrupt. You can replace some of the dishes with cheaper options.

How to save on drinks and alcohol

It is good to buy drinks and alcoholic beverages at the wedding venue. The owners usually lower the price of alcohol or drinks if guests stay with them all night. Besides - you will only pay for what the guests actually drink. You will not be left with a lot of unfinished or opened bottles.

Juices can be replaced with many cheaper drinks. And by the way, an important issue - serve drinks that do not add to the thirst, ie drinks with a rather sour or tart taste.


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