relationship tips and advice - Men sometimes forget about diffrenet bathroom roles and duties

Bathroom - the real battlefield part 1

Living together is brilliant. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone or return at a set time. You can do what you want as long as you are not driving the neighbours up the wall. You can furnish the place and then change the furniture or the house around even fifteen times a year. Being at home means complete freedom. But there is always a “but”. The bathroom and the toilet for millions of pairs and marriages is a place that does not fall under the freedom rule. Here Bien Magazine lists restricting laws and rules which when crossed can cause a war.

Wet towels

This is the first of bathroom pains and reasons for arguments. Women, who are usually tidy, make sure that wet towels after a bath are hung up neatly to dry. It also happens because they are more practical and don’t want to add any more work to their day by unnecessarily washing not so fresh towels.

Many men don’t pay much attention to a wet towel. The towel is important until they stop drying themselves. Then they forget about it. They are then busy with something else. A wet towel can be found on the floor, under the sink or thrown in the basket with the dirty, but dry clothes. The towel is then the so called bone of contention. So, gentlemen, remember about the wet towels!

Toilet seat

Toilet seat left up, which is found by the woman who rushes into the toilet works on her like the red rag on a bull. She takes it as a signal that her man does not care about her comfort; he forgets that he lives with a woman.

We want to explain to the ladies that this is not done in spite, revenge or ignorance. Man thinks that he is already doing a lot by lifting the seat up, so it is not peed on. With this gesture he shows that he cares about the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Werewolf in the shower

As it happens men are far more hairy than women. When they take a shower, it happens that they lose their “fur”. Finding a clump of hair or wet tangled hair in the shower does not class as a pleasant surprise. Here we will not justify this for anyone. If you’re losing hair, clean after yourself. 

Those situations which could be easily avoided often become the reason of long dispute.


Author: Bien Magazine

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