Bien Magazine - from time to time you have to look critically at your house – it is best to refresh it during spring

How to prepare the house for the arrival of spring?

How to change your house before spring, how to help it become a place where freshness and joy return? Take a critical look at your environment and decide whether or not it's time to renew your home, to bring it a real spring mood.

In our article you will find some best advice on household cleaning on how to prepare the house for the arrival of spring, without spending a fortune.

Thorough spring cleaning

Try to get everything out of a room, everything that can be moved or detached from the floor. Remove paintings, carpet, or even, if possible, the furniture. Vacuum the whole room, clean everything, even the most inaccessible places. Then look at the empty space and think about whether it would be worth trying to rearrange it again? You may find that a simple procedure of moving furniture will make your house become like new, and you'll feel perfectly in it.And by the way - gather up the courage to finally throw all that unnecessary things away, which accumulate in cabinets and on the shelves, because "someday it might be useful."

Thoroughly ventilate the whole house

Open all the windows wide and let the fresh air fill every corner. To preserve the feel of freshness, get a nicely scented air freshener, which will allow you to effectively get rid of the smell of winter.

Remove the old, cumbersome, unsightly accessories and knick-knacks

Try to look critically at what decorates your house. Are you sure the ornaments are not stuck in places for too long? Are they as nice and intriguing, so they are worth keeping? Or, quite simply, you do not notice them anymore, and they unnecessarily gather dust? Go to the nearest supermarket, look for nice, refreshing, typically associated with spring trinkets. Maybe you can find nice tiebacks for curtains, in a shape of colorful flowers? Or rainbow coloured photo frames? Dare to change your home.

At the end add flowers or catkins

Finally, set fresh flowers or catkins in vases. Decorate them with colorful ribbons. Put round the house nice, aromatic candles - you can light them at the right time to create a unique mood for a family evening.Several ornaments are enough to change the house. We guarantee that this will become an inspiration to renew own decisions, inspire to refresh dreams and goals. Because during the spring, the house is not the only thing that requires a radical change. 


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