bien magazine - Shopping without a shopping list is chaotic and leads to making many mistakes

How to create a shopping list

Many of us laughingly admit that on some occasions we have returned home with bags full of totally unnecessary foods that just fell into our basket. Others will remember how often they had to improvise in the shop to buy the ingredients for next dinner. The effect of those actions is food piling  in the fridge, which is very often discarded because it was bought by accident. This is why creating a shopping list is so important. It protects you from making errors and unnecessarily spending money. Here some tips for healthy life and better shopping experience.

Set a weekly budgetEven if you do not have a tendency to spend money on anything you rest your eyes on or you are not a slave to discounts, determine your weekly budget for food. This way you will spend money more consciously and only buy what you actually need.Additionally, when shopping, take only cash with you, forget debit or credit cards, so the extra available cash there won’t tempt you. You need to fit your shopping in to within the money you have at your disposal. And that's it.

Weekly menu

All people who previously bought their food as needed, day by day and later succumbed to the whispers of logic and created a weekly menu, are amazed at how much money they managed to save. It is logical – products like flour, are separated into several meals and used in this way completely. It is not standing on the shelf for weeks  because we only used a little bit on Monday’s pancakes.A good menu must be adapted to the needs of the whole family and regardless of how long it will take to create you will save a lot of money.

Shopping list

The finale of the entire project - the shopping list. It is created, of course, based on a weekly menu. The best way is to group the products on the list as they are arranged on the shelf in your favorite shop. If you are going to a shop you do not know, you need to group the products anyway- in one column vegetables and fruits, in the second; flour, cereal, sugar, pasta, etc. This way you will not run helplessly around the shop, returning time after time to the place where you were a few minutes before.

It is worth taking a pen with you and cross the things off your list as you buy them.

We can guarantee that by using this simple method you will save yourself a lot of time on unnecessary, daily trips to the store, money for food, and you will ensure that everything you buy gets used.


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