Renewal of wedding vows after many years of marriage is truly magical

Renewal of wedding vows

Many couples decide to make something unusual for their wedding anniversary - a renewal of their wedding vows. Sometimes these vows are fifty-years-old.

There are people who criticise this cute custom because they consider it as a pompous and artificial trend which came from America. Well, let them criticise. Nobody forces them to do it if they don’t want to.

It’s worth to be prepared for this event, just like for the actual wedding. Here are a few tips on how to do this right.

Renewal of wedding vows in a church or in a public registry office

You can renew your vows in a church. Special masses where a few couples renew their vows are becoming increasingly popular. You can also do this during an individual mass, which will be a wonderful celebration of your anniversary.

If you wish to renew your vows in a secular environment, you can do this in a public registry office.

Intimate party

Some people prefer a more intimate character of such events. If you’re one of them, you can renew your wedding vows at a private party surrounded by your friends and family. After all, it’s about the gesture and not the formalities. Such party can be held in a beautifully decorated garden. However, the amount of options is literally unlimited. You can even renew your vows on the deck of a balloon, a yacht, at the top of the mountain, etc. What’s important is that you and your partner enjoy the scenery.

However, a romantic dinner for two is also an option. That way, you can tell yourself “I do” one more time, without any distractions.

What should you include in your vows?

Since this is not an actual wedding, you can include your mutual experiences, as well memories in your vows.

Regardless of whether the ceremony is held in a church or in a public registry office, you will be asked to read the previously prepared vows out loud.

Reception after the renewal

A renewal of your wedding vows can be concluded with a reception, just like in the case of an actual wedding. Your family and friends will certainly appreciate such gesture. It’s up to you is this going to be a large reception or a small dinner with your loved ones. However, if you decide to make a reception, be sure to send invitations to your guests.

If your children or grandchildren offer to throw you a reception themselves, let them do it. This shows how much they love you. Moreover, everybody loves pleasant surprises.


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