Best personal development tips to plan goals and tasks well and not suffer from lack of time

When you do not have time for everything

Strangely, we live in times when it is not appropriate to be relaxed, calm, have a lot of time for ourselves and talk about it loudly. It is very popular to talk about how busy we are, how manic our lives are, how insanely we are missing even a moment to sit down and think about our lives.

It is enough for someone to go on holiday to some exotic place and right away they say things like - "they live so peacefully, are in no rush, have much more time, not like we are at home". But is it crucial to have to live so madly and constantly rush ahead until we lose our breath? Bien Magazine explores this topic further.

Do others have more time?

If you ever made a comment we described in a previous paragraph (where other people have more time), you have to think about what you are saying. Ask yourself - does anyone else, known to you or unknown, actually have more time available than you? It does not matter how much counting and thinking you do to analyse the problem, everyone has the same amount of time, as many as 24 hours each day. So there is no reason to be hysterical that someone has more time than we do. They just simply planned it better or in their own way. And that is it.

Action without a goal

One of the reasons for the so called lack of time is bad organisation. If you do not know where you are going, you will run blindly in circles. People who set very vague goals or have none at all, are the greatest victims of the lack of time. Unfortunately, it is only their fault. If you know what you want to achieve, you can assign tasks appropriately and perform them methodically, step by step getting closer and closer to completion. Then you do not feel like you've fallen into the trap of lack of time. Of course, you have to logically plan and determine how much time you need. Otherwise - we are back to the starting point.

No priorities

If you want to learn how to manage your own time, you need to establish a list of priorities. When you decide what is most important to do, or the hardest – start with it. Then tackle the issues of medium importance and not too complicated, in the end, as in the form of a reward, leave the least time consuming and simple things.

You have to accept that you cannot do everything at once and only setting up a hierarchical list of tasks will really move your day forward.

Excessive workload

And one more final thought - make sure you do not take too much work on yourself. If so, teach yourself how to say „no”, do not agree to take on every job assigned to you at work or every household chore dumped on you. Remember that you are only a human, not a robot. You have a duty to find time for yourself as well.


Author: Bien Magazine

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