Tips for child care - a traditional child upbringing model based on their role assigned by their gender has been long forgotten

Do not bring your child up schematically

In the past, when the knowledge of child development was in its infancy and parents could only use the knowledge of grandmothers and great-grandmothers, there was a tendency to prepare children for their future social roles. The girls were tamed with the fact that they were always to agree with boys, play a subordinate role to them and from an early age were prepared for the role of wives and mothers. Boys have the chance to develop, to live creatively and decide their tastes and preferences. We will discuss here a healthy lifestyle for children. 

Parents versus parents

There are homes where children have the freedom to choose their classes, passions, or toys. If the boy wants to play with dolls or teddy bears – he can, it is his will. Parents do not put gender limitations on their children. They are sensitive to stereotypes about education of girls and boys. They do not teach them which careers are good for which sex. They do not program their children.

Still, other parents cannot imagine giving a child such freedom. What if their son suddenly finds delight in wearing women’s dresses ?! They cannot imagine that.

Parents had copied a traditional model from their homes - where their mother was responsible for cooking, cleaning and had to listen to their father, who always had the last word.

Support your child’s choices

The child has the right to decide for themselves what they like and what path they would like to take. If your daughter wants to play football, let her. She will either cope in the men's world, or will get discouraged. But it will be her choice and only her. You have no right to tell her that football is only for boys, because she will begin to analyse the world in this way. She will impose on herself, even without knowing it, a lot of restrictions that will not give her happiness in the future.

A wise parent moves their child out of the stereotypical thinking. They do not allow them to think schematically. They do not ingrain in a girl that she will have to work more and earn less, or explain to her that boys are more talented. They do not explain to the boy that girls are made to stand by the stove and do what men tell them to do.

The choice of reading materials and words

An aware parent carefully chooses books for their children to read. They avoid books preferring sex stereotypes, which, unfortunately, there are many on the market. "Mom in the kitchen cooking dinner," "Dad in his chair reading the newspaper" - do you really want this life for your child?

Open minded and understanding parents are careful what they say, trying not to say something that is characteristic for girls or boys. For example "Comb you hair, you're a girl." It's a great effort to constantly monitor what you are saying, but how you raise your child will greatly influence their future happiness.

Finding a balance

Aware parents powerfully emphasise that their intention is not to deprive children of their sexual affiliation. Mothers take their daughter to the shops on "shopping sprees", fathers take their sons on typical male outing on bicycles. A conscious parent is looking for the child's place in the world, in which it will feel good, regardless of gender. The idea, importantly, as in everything, is to seek balance.


Author: Bien Magazine

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