relationship advice for women - making important, life decisions in anger can lead to a catastrophe

I will marry the first woman I meet

Important life decisions should not be made with a sense of grief, rejection or revenge. Being with someone should be based on mutual affection, respect and, above all, feelings of love. However, there are situations in which someone makes a very important decision completely irrationally. The following story is, unfortunately, true. It may become a warning to those who decided to get married without thinking twice in a sense of injustice, here our relationship tips and advice.

Bachelor’s loneliness

The hero of the story is a young, talented architect called Henry. He studied in several countries and practiced at a renowned New York corporation. His several projects for office buildings were accepted and commenced construction, which he had to oversee.

It seemed that the career, prestigious business and being among people who valued him was enough for a young man. However, as he often said - at the age of 35 he felt lonely. He had many short-term relationships, but was all the time looking for the one.

Tending to one of his projects in Europe - he met a woman, a few years older than himself, with whom he immediately felt a special connection. The woman, however - experienced by a very traumatic marriage and a long, stressful divorce, announced to Henry, that for the time being she was not ready for a serious relationship, but can meet with him on a friendly basis. They spent a lot of time together, but the woman kept Henry at bay.

One sided love

Despite the promise, Henry fell in love with his friend. Often jokingly he told her how he imagined their life together, how good they would be together. Each time though his friend reminded him that they are just good friends and that she did not want to engage in a serious relationship. Henry, however, so strongly insisted, that she felt trapped. She liked the young architect, but she did not want to declare that they will be together. She did not feel such a great feeling, which Henry felt for her.

Henry felt that his friend increasingly avoided meetings; the woman was looking for more and more excuses to postpone a weekend getaway or a shopping trip.

Big parting and a dramatic decision

Henry proposed to his friend and she honestly told him that she treated him as a friend but she does not love him. Then, Henry screamed in her face, that he leaves her and will marry the first woman he meets that will be attracted to him. And so he did.

After only a month, he proposed and then immediately got married.

Meeting after years

When, after many years, Henry met his old friend, he told her frankly that the decision of a hasty marriage was the worst decision he has ever made. He realised, sadly, after years of a terribly unhappy marriage, that he had no right to push anyone or blackmail them with his love. He paid a huge price. This ceased to be the dreamer he once was and became a bitter, sad man, who had no hope of a better life.


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