relationship advice for women from men, women very often make the bathroom life very difficult for men

Bathroom - the real battlefield part 2

In the first part of the article about a bathroom, which was a real battlefield in many houses, we talked about men’s bad bathroom habits. Men often have conflicts with wet towels, toilet seat and hair in the shower drain. Their women then go absolutely mad about it. Here some very common issues and relationship advice for women and men.


Men for many generations couldn’t understand and for sure will never understand why women squeeze out toothpaste wherever they grab it, usually in the middle of the tube. This way there is an indentation in the tube which starts to remind us of a ran over tapir. The tube is full at the top and bottom and in the middle completely flat, as if it went through a drastic weight loss. According to men this then makes it hard to get any toothpaste out.

Women on the other hand have no idea what is so annoying about it? Men will get all of the toothpaste out from the tube and even roll the end when it starts running out.

This really funny detail causes millions of arguments across the world.

(Right now our male-female editorial team started a heated conversation about which way to squeeze the toothpaste out is better. And they will probably never agree!)

Why don’t you answer me?

From the beginning of time women loved making friends. They enjoyed having company and felt good being around other people. Many women in relationships like to come to the bathroom to speak to man whilst they bathe or shower. She forgets about an important thing. Men’s brain is one directional. If he concentrates on one thing they should not ask him to do something else in the same time. So when the man takes a bath or a shower he is concentrating on washing himself. Conversation can interrupt the whole process and make it harder or even lengthen the time spent in the shower which men usually dislike. A conversation like this is pointless because the guy will go deaf from time to time while he is washing himself. Ladies are banned from visiting the bathroom when he is taking a shower. The conversation will not bring anything to the table and will leave both parties irritated.

Cold water

It is well known that the sound of running water makes people want to go to the toilet. Many women suffer from this reaction without realising. As soon as the guy gets to the bathroom and turns the shower on, the lady will then flush the toilet. The flushed water causes the shower to run from pleasantly warm, a man’s favourite, to boiling hot. This is how you can boil your own husband!

You don’t look after yourself

In many houses the space is planned out so that the beauty products are kept in the bathroom. Anyone who saw his and hers shelves understands that women’s creams, talcs, powders, foundations, gels, shampoos, cleansers and makeup, take up 99.9% of the shelf space. For him there is only a small square of space for deodorant, toothbrush and aftershave, if it fits. Men usually go mad about it, but they understand there is nothing they can do about the unfair share.

We would like to ask our dear ladies not to say to their husbands: ”You don’t look after yourself” if they have no space to put their cosmetics or shaver out.


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