latest beautz products and treatments from film stars who look amazing because they their own beauty tricks

How celebrities support their beauty

Hollywood stars don’t have to save on cosmetics and beauty products. They can spend on them as much as the average woman spends on her living, annually. But do not be discouraged. It turns out that many good looking Hollywood celebrities uses quite simple methods to achieve the best look, you will say as old as grandma’s methods. Try a few of those and you can boldly set out to conquer Hollywood. Here we discover women fashion trends and beaty hacks.

Bathing in milk

Cleopatra appreciated them, as do contemporary models and actresses. This bath is not, against appearances, based on pouring litres of milk into the bathtub. You can add to your bath a few handfuls of powdered milk. This will also give excellent results. In turn, you can use the carton milk to wash your face. Milk makes the skin soft and fresh.

Strawberries whiten teeth

You need to eat strawberries regularly, to see how white your teeth will become. Strawberries contain natural acid which lightens the enamel. Strawberries are a competition for whitening toothpastes. Who would have thought it?!

Ice on wrinkles

Ice cubes applied to the face or neck minimise wrinkles and add firmness to the skin. Ice accelerates the circulation, the skin becomes luminous and redness and swelling disappear.

Mint and beautiful lips

If you add peppermint oil to your lipstick, your lips will become bigger. Mint strengthens the lip color and makes your lips slightly swollen. Effect guaranteed!

Sugar Scrub

Sugar, instead of added to tea, can find itself on your face - will be a great scrub, which removes dead skin cells and contains the glycolic acid which protects the skin from toxins penetrating it.

Apple cider vinegar for skin imperfectionsThe last idea straight from Hollywood - instead of tonic you can use apple cider vinegar to wash your face. Vinegar immediately removes imperfections, blemishes and redness. On the other hand, lemon juice massaged into the skin on your face will tighten the skin and make it look extremely strong.


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