tips for healthy lifestyle -  if you want to see results of healthy living, you need to follow certain rules

Why healthy eating sometimes does not work?

If you change your diet, started eating healthy food, you find out everything about the latest research in this area, you plan your meals and exclude white sugar and white flour from your diet and then don’t feel the increase of energy, mood does not improve, it means that you are doing something wrong.

Check here to see what mistakes you could have been making and find out tips for healthy living and why your healthy diet may not be bringing you the expected benefits.

Do not go overboard

If you drove your healthy living to the level of obsession, if at every meal you wonder whether tomatoes are not poisoned by fertilisers, whether they come from the right farm, whether you eat too much or too little of something, it is an obvious sign that you do not treat the whole process of a healthy living right. You change it from pleasures to sacrifices and pains. It has become a cause of stress and anxiety. Food must give you pleasure, this way your body will feel good. Do not fall into the extremes.

Resting too little, not enough sleep

For your body to have the energy to act, it must be rested, hence the need to ensure you get the right amount of restful sleep, when your body and mind will regenerate. Also take care of moments of relaxation during the day. Do not kill the fatigue with coffee or an energy drink. Allow yourself to go for a walk, take a warm, relaxing bath or meditate.

Too much stress and worry

Stress and worry are definite enemies of healthy eating. A bad job or a bad relationship will actually suck the energy out from your body, which, even with the best nutrition, in such a situation will not help. You have no choice other than you must first sort out your inner life first, and then move on to healthy eating.

Too little movement in the fresh air

The last but very important element, which if suppressed prevents healthy eating from working – you don’t spend enough time outdoors. You should try running, fast walking or do nordic walking. As you exercise, your body produces endorphins, the hormone of happiness - then you will feel really good. Outdoor activities are a mandatory component of the everyday routine of a man who wants to live healthily.


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