why am I still single, advice from Bien Magazine

Why am I still single?

Are you still single? Is there something wrong with your relations with men? Do you have a constant feeling of wrong? Perhaps your attitude is the main reason for your loneliness? This text may provide you with an answer to the question why haven’t you still met the man of your dreams.

Nobody’s better than my First Love

There’s probably no man in the world that would hear such statement and continue making attempts to be with you. If there is, he’s most likely a masochist who draws pleasure from being compared to somebody who is a perfection. Don’t be surprised that guys who hear such things on your first date don’t wish to see you again.

All men are bad and my perfect match hasn’t been born yet

Trust us, such attitude won’t get you far. You can’t generalise because it's pointless. Even if you have experienced a love disappointment or have been cheated on, this doesn’t mean that every guy is a cruel person without a heart.

However, if your expectations towards your potential partner are too high, you’re in for a disappointment as well. Perfect people only exist in movies (where they’re a minority too). You can always talk about the things you don’t like about your partner with him. Lucky for you, some people are open to changes and sometimes they're even capable of implementing them.

I must get married, no matter the cost!

Seeking a partner only because all your friends are already married or because your parents can’t wait to have grandchildren is rubbish. Getting involved in a relationship with a random guy seldom ends well. You should seek love because you want to, not because you have to.

Mood swings and unapproachability

There are two more things that stand between you and successful dating. Men hate women with mood swings – one moment they’re happy and the next they become grumpy for no particular reason. If you have such a problem with yourself, it’s about time to work on your personality.


Author: Bien Magazine

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