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Mystique Lashes studio in Coventry

Women fashion trends - a modern woman has theoretically, an unlimited ability to look after herself and improve her look. When we look at this issue closer, we find out that many salon treatments are out of reach for women on average pay, however, this does not mean that they have to abandon the idea of looking after themselves and their attempts to enhance their natural beauty.

Beauty enhancing eyelash extension and volume treatments

One of the methods of improving your image is having eyelash extensions and volumising treatments. Those treatments are completed at the Mystique Lashes studio in Coventry. This is a place prepared tastefully with all ladies in mind, who would like to enhance the look of their eyes, beauty type and give their face a new, intriguing expression.

One to one eyelash extensions

This application involves adding new lashes (synthetic mink or cashmere) to natural lashes, which achieves the effect of longer, nicely curled and superbly styled lashes. The treatment is completely pain free. It allows a person to relax – the customer is lying down during the procedure. Applying different lengths of lashes allows the stylist to create interesting eye modeling which depends on the client’s beauty type and preferences.

Average application time is 1.5 hours.

Volume eyelash treatments

This eye styling technique is based on applying a “fan” of lashes to one natural lash. Depending on the client’s needs, lashes can be volumised by up to 15 times. This way, the lashes become unbelievably fluffy and the eyes draw everyone’s attention to them.

Effect like from a Hollywood film

Depending on the beauty type and the shape of the face, you can achieve amazing effects – many ladies didn’t believe that after an eyelash application their look will change; and really the look often exceeds wildest dreams. Eyelash extensions and volume treatments can change someone from a ‘rushed off her feet mother’, housewife or a business woman into a Hollywood beauty.

Different types of eyelash extensions and volume treatments

Mystique Lashes is an intimate studio which specialises in different types of eyelash extensions and volume treatments. We offer many programs; lashes for special occasions, weddings, parties, elegant banquets, lashes are chosen with care for dynamic, holiday lifestyle and also so called daily eyelashes which will save time by not having to apply mascara.

With the clients’ comfort in mind, Mystique Lashes studio offers the choice of the best, hypoallergenic materials, highest quality glues and lashes, which don’t irritate the eyes, don’t cause the eyes to water or the eyelid to swell up.


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