Relationship advice for women and men - learn to talk about your feelings and you will see how good your relations with people will become

Learn to talk about feelings

Talking honestly about your feelings is unfortunately, not easy. We often feel resistance from expressing what bothers us, because we fear a bad reaction from the other person, their anger; we are afraid to hurt them or to be hurt and embarrass yourself, be ridiculed, or experience a huge disappointment. But on the other hand - not telling is even worse. By this, you do not show clearly your feelings and emotions which can lead to countless misunderstandings, or even, unfortunately, to the disintegration of a relationship. It is therefore important to learn this art. Online magazines for women can advice, see the ideas below.

You have to learn to speak about your feelings

You must assume that you will not immediately be able to say everything you plan to say, that sometimes you fail to put into words what happens in your head. For this you need time, training, skill and awareness of where to stand with the whole thing.

Talking about feelings, like all other important things, requires training. When you begin to feel confident, you will find that you can define virtually every emotion, accurately and precisely describe what bothers you at the time, what bothers you and what makes you happy.

Each internal realisation of the emotional problem, will free you from the pressure and allow you to solve problems. On the other hand - there is no greater pleasure than sharing your joy. Therefore it is important to learn to define your feelings.

Choose an appropriate time and circumstance

First of all, you should talk about feelings when both of you have plenty of time and nothing can distract you. It may happen that your confession will initially be awkward for the other person. But you need to pass this stage, to get used to the fact that one can and must speak frankly about their emotions. Good and bad.

Therefore - carefully choose the time for the conversation. Do not tell your partner about your love, disappointment or anger when you are attending an official banquet.

One more important issue – when talking about your feelings, you have to understand that the other person will not necessarily feel the same. However, this is now not of great importance. You bet on the truth. Here the words and feelings are crucial and have to be presented honestly and openly.

The hardest thing is to talk about is negative emotions

People, in general, have difficulty expressing feelings and when it comes to talking about negative emotions the real journey begins. Such talks must be considered, subdued and conducted in a friendly tone. You must always remember that the other person also has feelings, you have to clarify the situation to them, to help them understand that it is not an attack, you are not blaming them and only trying to fix what does not work.

When talking about bad emotions, explain how you feel when your partner does something or says things that upset you. Do not attack, always speak about your point of view and see what good results it will bring.


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