relationship tips for women and men your relationship suffered if your partner annoys you all the time

Signals announcing dissolution of the relationship, part 2

Sometimes it makes no sense to pretend that you do not see signs of a breakup in a relationship. Separation is painful, it seems to be a terrible step, but it does however open you up to a new and better life. It is worth to think whether, if the relationship is in ruins, it is not worth just separating.

But before it comes to taking the last resort, you have to keep an eye on your life and watch for signs that something is falling apart. Here you find our relationship advice for women and men.

When there is more that divides you than joins you

When the euphoria of falling in love and the chemistry in the brain die down, it is then time for everyday life. The problem is that people often get married while still in the stage of „falling in love” which is a crazy and charming time, but also quite untrustworthy, as our brain only allows us to see the other person in a good light.

Love is a series of chemical reactions that take place in the brain, which after some time (lasting up to three years, scientists claim) come to an end. Then the hard work begins. It often turns out that two people do not have much in common, they are indifferent to each other and begin to live their own lives. This is a serious sign that something is wrong and it should be remedied quickly.

Everything annoys you

If you start to get annoyed at the little things in the behaviour of your partner, how they lick their lips, the way they eat and how unbearable their comments become - means that something seriously does not work in your relationship. Because true feeling allows you to either accept the shortcomings of another person (no one is perfect, we all have faults), or talk about them and remove them. It is worse, if you cannot talk to each other and everything the other person does works on you, like a bull's-eye. Then it’s bad.

Romance with premeditation

If one of the partners gets entangled in an affair, but not because they suddenly went crazy and fell in love, but to prove their own attraction – that is an another signal that the relationship is in very bad shape.

When the argument is followed by another argument

If the reasons for arguments are beginning to become more and more trivial, if each movement you or your partner make, can launch a wave of hatred, it is worth looking at the relationship from the distance. You may be burnt out and do not have patience for each other? If you argue about trivial things, it is a clear sign that you can no longer bear each other. Then it is better to go your separate ways.


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