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Mature bride

As it turns out, the average age of brides is increasing from year to year. No one is outraged by the fact that the lady standing before the altar could be their grandmother. Unfortunately, when we talk about a wedding, we imagine young people - this is a social pattern. It turns out that it is not unusual to see even a 60-year-old bride. You never know when your paths cross with the most important person. Online fashion magazines look into how to be a fabulous mature bride.

Loneliness does not have to last a lifetime

Unfortunately, before the turn of the twentieth century, it was a common and hurtful belief that a widow should mourn for the rest of her life, that middle-aged people should not disgrace themselves with new relationships, especially outside of marriage. People would be too ashamed to even speak about weddings of older people. Similarly, the unfortunate old maids were condemned to a lifetime of loneliness. Luckily the social convention became more liberal and everyone can do what they want and when they want. Of course - who they want to do it with as well. Fully acceptable now are marriages where both partners are of an advanced age, even meeting their special partner in a nursing home.

The bride after 40

A bride of this age should choose an elegant, chic and feminine outfit. A white coloured dress with frilly details is not considered as a good choice. Brides after 40 choose pastel colors, browns, shades of grey or gold, the color of pomegranate or red.

Here we rule out extravagant hairstyles and too much makeup. Hairstyle and makeup are to be subdued, elegant and tailored to the beauty type of the bride.

Bride in her 50s – 60s and older

A bride in this age group should choose the outfit without abundant decorations. Dresses in retro style would work well, two-piece dresses, or dresses with contrasting belt and shoes with a small heel. To complete the whole outfit certainly add gloves - long as well as short will do the trick. Instead of a veil you can wear a hat or decorations with vivid flowers. Older brides dress in pastel colors, shades of beige, brown, ecru. The makeup of the mature bride should also be dominated by pastels, which rejuvenate the skin and add shine. Hair should be as natural and elegant.


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