Online dating advice - you may present yourself in a completely different light while online dating

What mistakes do people make while online dating?

If you are looking for love online, you must remember that this form of acquaintance will someday have to progress into the real world. Then it may become odd and awkward. Hence, always keep in mind not to portray your overly compensated image online, as it can quickly turn against you. If you over-exaggerate your image and portray yourself as a perfect being, your partner may be shocked when they meet you in the real world. And then what? This can end with a mighty disappointment and, presumably, parting ways. Unfortunately, it is likely that acting this way you will lose the chance for true love. That's why, always go for the truth and you will not regret it. Here are some online dating tips from our advisors.

Do not pretend to be perfect

Do not tell everyone how good you are, how wonderful you are doing in life. Such people are not convincing. None of us are perfect, everyone has faults and nobody in this world will be disturbed when you admit that you also have something "wrong". Of course, within the limits. You are not allowed, on the other hand, to show yourself as an uninteresting, frightened person with low self-esteem, because no one will want to contact you.

Do not complain about the whole world and your bad luck

If you have a tendency to complain, to show the world how unhappy your life is, you cannot count on finding your soul mate online. In real life someone might be able to withstand this, because probably they would not notice right away what kind of moaner you are. But online, where people generally seek either entertainment or support, you must not be seen as an extreme moaner and a malcontent.

You cannot blame yourself for all your life failures. Failure happens to everyone, it is a natural thing. You must not drag all your problems out into the light and show yourself as a victim of circumstances. Rather - if you have to write about what bad things have happened to you, treat it as an informative story and a new experience that has taught you life.

Do not share every detail of your life

It does not make sense to tell everyone who will listen what has happened to you in your life, about your dreams, passions, plans, etc. Keep some information for later. Besides - we do not want to demonise the Internet here – but you never know who sits on the other side. So - talk about yourself in moderation. Do not treat the newly-met person as your greatest confidant and friend. There will be time for that when the person proves to be worthy in real life.

Do not make a declaration

And the last warning - do not make hasty declarations from which you will not be able to get out of. Do not say that you will do everything for the other person, because life can very quickly verify your promises. Better watch your words.

When dating online set your limits, protect your privacy, remember that on the Internet everyone is better and more perfect than in reality. Hence - do not let yourself get caught in the false ideas about who you are writing with or talking over Skype. Let real life show what you are actually like.


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