Online dating tips for a  good relationship, if the partners understand the needs of the opposite sex

How do you keep a boyfriend (for a long time)?

The world would be much, much easier if both sexes were thinking in the same way, had identical beliefs about love, courtship or being together. But, unfortunately, it is not that easy. Women have different ideas about relationships than men. They want to be treated differently. Therefore - sometimes they forget that a man requires different treatment. They do not want to be a girl-friend, hear complaints about a bad hairstyle, be dragged around all the clothes shops to spend hours trying things on. By behaving this way towards him, you will certainly not be able to stay with him for a long time. In the end, the role of a polite, agreeable „manequin” standing in front of the shop will stop suiting him. It is therefore worthwhile to find out how your man wants to be perceived. Then it will be easier for you to separate certain roles between him and your girlfriend. Here some relationship advice for women from men.

Let it him be important

Men are accustomed to - by culture and evolution to be active (researchers claim that many of our human behaviours originate from primitive times). It is up to them to come out with the initiative, they should suggest most of the various changes or life actions. That's why - let your man surprise you and find a variety of ways to spend time together. Let him show off. That way he will feel he has a lot to offer, and you have a reason to be proud of him. And, of course, praise him for what he came up with.

Of course, you can gently steer his actions so that things eventually go your way. But try to do it with great sensitivity. Remember, the man must prove himself! That does not mean however that you have to be grateful for every small manifestation of interest. If he suggests to go fishing, and you happen to hate it, do not be afraid to say no. Let him seek another entertainment for you.

Stop the moodiness

It is well known that women are much more emotional and react differently to reality. Also, sometimes, they find it more difficult to control their emotions, which they have undoubtedly much more than men. The problem is that what might seem massively important and difficult to you and needing hours long analysis, may not even spark your man’s attention, who will think that the whole thing is so obvious that it can be solved within minutes. In this situation, let him voice his opinion, he will definitely advise you something but keep the long and emotional arguments for the meeting with your girl-friend. In a female-male relationship it may not work.

Do not get angry with him for any small reason, do not go off in a mood. No man can take this in the long run. Do not blackmail him either and do not impose your feelings on him. A good relationship has a lot of harmony in it - both sides respect each other's emotions and feelings. Also giving themselves a bit of freedom.

Let him fight for your feelings

To be attractive to a man for a very long time, you must always be slightly inaccessible, so that he wants to work hard to get you. Remember, men are hunters, they love chasing the prey. So - be somewhat demanding, proud enough to know your value and not let him do with you whatever he fancies. You are the one that has to be won.

Of course - it works the same way the other way round, you also have to care for him, show him every day that he is important to you. A man will be more comfortable with a compliment and he will be proud of himself if you appreciate his efforts.


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