A removal doesn’t have to be a terrible experience, as long as it's well-organised

How to move house and keep your sanity

When you ask anybody (or almost anybody) who has experienced a removal, they’ll tell you that it was a real nightmare. This is even despite the fact that they were moving to a new dream house or a dream flat. Nevertheless, wise preparations can protect you from traumatic experiences.

Proceed wisely

Primarily, don’t get all “how am I going to handle all this?” or “what am I going to do?”. Many people have managed to move out to a new place, and so can you. Secondly, you have to assume that something will definitely go wrong because nobody’s perfect. The third thing you need to do is to dispose of unnecessary things one by one. You can either throw them away or sell them. After you’ve done that, make a list of the things you’re going to need at your new home. Walk around your flat and write these things down on a sheet of paper. Then, assign them to separate categories – “dishes,” “furniture,” “clothes,” etc. The more things you’ve had written down, the simpler it will be to embrace the chaos.

Control the smallest elements

The smallest elements are the most annoying when moving. This is why you should put them into small containers. Of course, you should also write down where everything is. Otherwise, unpacking will make your head spin. All you need is to be perfectly organised.

Put all screws in one place

Misplaced screws are the greatest horror when assembling your furniture at your new home. So, when you disassemble them, you should place every screw, screw-top, etc. into a separate bag and label them. Afterwards, put these bags into other large bag labelled “things necessary to assemble furniture.” Make sure that you won’t have any problems finding it later.

Stockpile all boxes and newspapers

It’s crucial to collect boxes of all sizes for a long time before the removal and keep them stockpiled in your basement. The same thing goes for newspapers that will be very helpful when packing fragile items.

Get a van

The final advice is to get a van. It’s also a good idea to hire a removal crew. They’re going to take care of taking all your stuff from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.


Author: Bien Magazine

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