online dating tips - men don’t understand the signals women send to them

How to check whether a woman is interested in you

Women are real masters in reading and sending signals advising whether someone is interested in them and if someone caught their eye. Unfortunately men haven’t fully developed this ability. It usually creates many misunderstandings. Men are in this case deaf, blind and you need to be lead by the woman’s hand.

To make it easier for those men who would like to know straight away if they have any chance to meet a woman we can suggest few ideas as to what to look out for. Here some relationship advice for women and men.

First steps

You are at a friend’s party. Bad luck makes it that you don’t know anyone besides the host. Suddenly you notice an attractive woman. How do you have the certainty that you can move close to her and speak to her? After all it is all about not being rejected right at the start when you say “how are you?” It isn’t nice. Therefore you need to check whether the woman is checking you out, looking in your direction. If yes than your way is free. Approach her and speak nicely. But be careful, maybe the woman that looks in your direction has come to the party with someone, and that person just went to get a drink. This you will find out from a conversation. Therefore don’t plan a date straight away.

Do you smoke?

One of the signs that could mean a woman likes you is when she asks you innocently for a cigarette. In many instances a woman who approaches you at the party with that question means that she is trying to make contact with you. Although it can also mean that she is a nicotine addict and cannot wait any longer to have a cigarette! You will find out pretty soon what her intentions are.

Appearance matters

The man’s appearance matters to women even though they openly say that this is not the case. No woman will happily go on a date with a guy that she is not attracted to. If a woman does not want to talk to you, is not paying attention to you then you know that there is something in your appearance that she does not find attractive. Look for a different woman because here you have no chance.

Small signals

Once you managed to break the ice and your appearance was accepted by the woman, unfortunately it is not guaranteed that everything will go as you have planned. If your respondent is answering with half words, is looking around then unfortunately she is clearly letting you know that you bore her. Nothing good will come out of that date, you need to finish the conversation and take the defeat like a man.

If your companion talks to you eagerly, returns your smile and sometimes touches your hand gently, this means she accepts you.


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