Online dating advice - Even a nice date can be ruined when a person starts going on, without mercy, about a topic their companion considers dull

How to talk on a date and what to discuss - Part 1

You are going on a first date. You feel owerhelmed with joy and stress at the same time. You can imagine fantastic moments, conversations lasting till dawn and emotions that you have never experienced before. Such scenarios probably crossed everyone’s mind when they were getting ready for a date with a newly met person (because you can, although it may seem funny for some, go on a date with an old friend or a person you have known for years). Many have succeeded in making the above script a reality, whereas others, unfortunately, were not that lucky and the date did not work, because conversation topics turned out to be an obstacle impossible to tackle.

How to talk on a date? And are you sure you need to plan a list of topics?

Chatty people have it easy

Confident people will probably smile with pity, reading our article. Really – come on! – there is nothing to think about here?! You go to a date and you let the moment move you. You say what you want to say, you talk about yourself, you ask about the other person and the conversation flows.

Sure, easier said than done – you will think, if you are the person who gets a massive stage freight just thinking about having a conversation with your date. So try, first and foremost, not to make up horrible scenarios in your head of how at some point it is inevitable to experience an awkward silence. Do not let your head run with this idea, as it may just decide to comply with it. Be in the moment and let it take you. It may turn out that all your fears were silly because the conversation will flow like a river after a great rain. But if you are afraid it is going to be hard, prepare some topics for yourself. Try to "talk" to yourself in front of the mirror. Smile and try to talk interestingly. Such conversation trial does not cost anything and it may help with your self-confidence.

What can you talk about?

If you do not know a lot about the person you are dating, you have a very important task at hand. You have to see what connects you and whether you have any common interests. You need to work here on trial and error basis. Nevertheless - it is worth preparing some nice stories from your own life to make the conversation interesting.

The basic topics that are close to the two dating people are always - work (everyone has a lot to say here), hobbies and passions (based on them, you can find out a lot about the person you are meeting) and their views on the various issues. In the last case, it is worth making sure that there is something to talk about there, before you start to have a heated debate regarding things like politics. You may find that the person has a poor concept of politics or that it does not interest them. And if you tried to carry on with the topic you would be a tiring companion.

Change the subject before you start to bore

Regardless of what you want to talk about, you must carefully watch the reactions of your partner. If the person you are talking to starts showing signs of boredom, do not continue with that topic, because nothing good will come out of it. If you are going on for a second hour, about your hard job situation, anyone may feel bored. Therefore - moderation is a basic matter. Remember that you have to be an interesting partner, not a speaker you have to listen to until they finally give in and be silent.


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