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In t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for a date

Do a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers combo certainly not work on men? Does a woman have to appear on a date as elegant, as if she was going to the ball or a royal banquet? Is a deep neckline, high heels and a sexy mini dress an obligatory dating outfit? Well, ladies, it turns out, it is not, as investigated by online magazines UK. Many men admit that a t-shirt, sneakers and jeans works for them much better. How is this possible?!

Dress to feel comfortable

Many women will feel uncomfortable in a daring or overly elegant attire when they choose to wear it on a date. The man can immediately sense this and the whole date may not work out as well as both had imagined. She will be struggling in a tight dress, which is not at all "her", he will wonder why she dressed like that, whether she thinks he is a simpleton, who can only be impressed by a low neckline?

Therefore - dress up so you are comfortable, in an outfit that you like best. If it means wearing sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt, go on a date with your head held high. Finally - a man has to accept you the way you are. The main thing is to be natural and to be yourself.

In your own way, but in moderation

To achieve the natural look you have to, of course, exercise restraint. Make sure that the t-shirt is not old and stretched and the jeans aren’t stretched on the knees. You must, in the end, present yourself attractively, as you should on a date.

Men will admire you anyway for your natural and full of simplicity style, that is not unnatural - and this for men is a measure of attractiveness. What's interesting - many of them prefer a woman in home clothes, without makeup and super-hairstyles – they feel well in her company, they do not have to be seen as a macho-conquerer.

Always an attractive combination

A pair of jeans that complement the figure coupled with a white shirt or t-shirt is always modern looking and a versatile combination that will work in all circumstances.

The final word about jeans – choose them wisely so they complement your figure and balance the proportions of your body. And so, eg. jeans with flared legs fit women with wider hips. Women with broad shoulders or larger breasts are recommended straight legged trousers that balance the proportions of the body. Any tears and abrasions on jeans will give the legs visually more volume.

If you want to visually lengthen your legs, select jeans with a high waist. Add to this high heel boots and the effect is guaranteed.


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