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Which women attract men

Luckily the days when a woman had to be a beautiful doll, a trophy for a man and a decoration for his house are over. Of course men still pay a lot of attention to the attractiveness of a woman but they don’t speak loudly about appreciating many character traits. What is then a definition of a woman who attracts men? As part of online magazines uk, we will briefly touch on this broad problem.

Intelligent partner

When we live together and sometimes have to make decisions together, the man would like to have an intelligent woman by his side, because she will be his partner in every life situation.

Good listener and adviser

Men, against all appearances also like to talk about themselves, their problems, things they like and work. They appreciate women who are good listeners, don’t criticize their point of view and who don’t preach. In addition men like good, wise advice from women because they see many things from a different perspective.

Spontaneous woman

Spontaneity is one of the traits that men like in women. A partner who is not afraid to drift away from the usual outline, is unpredictable and in the same time attractive, he will never be bored with her.

Confident and fulfilled

A woman who is not afraid to stand up to a man will definitely earn his respect. If she has her own opinion which she protects and believes that she doesn’t always have to back down, will be an excellent partner. It is important that the man can appreciate the woman who is fulfilled in her job and reaches her goals. He has to have something to value her for.

Woman with a sense of humour

Women’s sense of humour can melt men’s hearts. It only takes a few funny words to relax the atmosphere or heated situation. Humour is one of the best and most pleasant “weapons” in a relationship which helps avoid the arguments and control the situation.

Ability to change her nature

Many men value women who can modify and change their nature and fight their own weaknesses. This ability in the past usually assigned to men is appreciated in women who thanks to this become stronger and happier.


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