personal development top tips - people mechanically make the same mistakes because they know what the consequences are

Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes?

Humans often say that if they were given another chance they would live their lives differently. They would definitely not make the same mistakes. Here, unfortunately, according to the scientists, psychologists and philosophers they would live exactly the same, like for the first time. The worst thing is that they would make the same mistakes. Personal development tips below.

Brain repeats patterns

Many decades of studying the human brain showed that it works according to certain patterns – it holds onto known reactions and in the moments of stress or not paying attention, it happily returns to the known outline advising reactions which are already coded in. If someone was brought up with the feeling of being worthless, in their adult life the person will provoke situations which will reinstate and strengthen that feeling in them.

Change is a risk

It turns out the brain which has nearly unlimited capabilities is very “cowardly” and probably is afraid of change. Scientists explain this reaction that the brain tries to protect what is known to it, doesn’t want to take chances trying new things, because they can cause harm and be dangerous new experiences.

Like a person in a trance

Repeating mistakes, even the painful ones that brings bitterness with it is in some way hypnotising. The person returns like a moth to a flame, to the things they know. They repeat what is known, replaying familiar patterns and scenarios.

What is odd is that not many people feel good about it. Instead of fighting with their own brain, already agreed somewhere in the subconscious patterns, they agree to what is there which keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Why is fighting this difficult?

People have the tendency to try to make themselves look good and justify their actions. It is much easier to put the blame for their own unhappiness on the world and other people, the fate and circumstances then bravely take responsibility for their own life. They should decide that they are the masters of their own lives and they can decide which path to take and of course which mistakes they won’t repeat. Unfortunately, this path is hard, painful and the process of changing reactions in their own brain takes a long time and comes with consequences.


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