women's magazines online, if you suspect that you're entangled in a toxic relationship, end it immediately. It's the only way.

Entangled in a toxic relationship, part 1

Online magazines for women discovered that many people live in very unhealthy relationships, which is very sad. They allow their life partners to deceive them, terrorise them, blackmail them or even cheat on them. Nevertheless, they don't end these relationships, because they don't believe that anything better will ever meet them. This is a result of a mentally stronger partner's destructive impact.

There's also another problem. People who are in toxic relationships tell the entire world that their life partner is an ideal person. This, of course, is false. Is it really worth saving a relationship which makes you feel so miserable? You need to keep in mind that such relationships silently deprive you of your own self-esteem, which is very difficult to rebuild.

You mustn't ignore particular feelings because they're a sign that you're in for a huge disaster. What feelings are those?

You feel bad in this relationship

If your relationship brings you constant fear instead of a sense of security, this is a clear signal that you need to move on with your life.

There's nothing positive in being stressed about a trivial conversation with your life partner. You shouldn't have to control your words, as well as your behaviours. You're a free person and have the full right to decide for yourself.

Forced adjustment

You can't adjust all your plans and dreams to your partner's needs. If you do, this means you're dependent on them. It's not a good thing to drift away from your friends or change your style, only because your partner wants you to. The more this goes on, the more your own self-esteem suffers. This will cause you to doubt your own value and it's very difficult to get over such state. This is why you mustn't allow anybody to deprive you of independence. You have the right to be happy because you're a fine person.

Nobody can know the truth

Protecting your oppressor from others is a clear sign that you're their slave. Perhaps it's time to visit a therapist who will make you aware of what you've got into and tell you how to set yourself free.

Deceiving others that your relationship is perfect and everything is fine, is actually deceiving yourself! Think hard, who do you harm the most?!


Author: Bien Magazine

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