personal development top tips on how to motivate yourself

10 ways to get motivated, part 1

Personal development tips to get motivated are here. Motivation is a very creative, yet difficult to restrain inner strength, which lives in every human being. In some it manifests itself as a need for continuous action, others have it appear occasionally, usually in a very stressful situation or extreme difficult. The first, use the maximum of their abilities for nearly all their lives or for many years (at worst), the second live on 5% and only act if something threatens them or extremely bores them - but so badly that they feel they will not survive the next 10 minutes in that state.

There is also a third group of semi-motivated. These people are aware of their own talents and development opportunities, but through laziness and being comfortable, they tell themselves that they have time for everything, while not doing much.

Ask yourself which group you belong to, and then analyse what steps you need to take to be truly motivated to act.

Set your goals

Without a specific, meaningful and possible to implement plan, which is highly attractive for you so you want to devote time, attention and skill to it, you will not get anywhere and achieve anything. Goals are key elements of motivation. It will propel you into action. It is a fuel for your mind.

Visualise the goal

The brain loves images. It will far more quickly realise your desires when you see what you want, e.g. viewing a dream home or a car online, or getting into a car in a dealership. The second method is to visualise the goal - you have to create a vision of yourself who has already reached that goal. In this conception of seeing yourself in a new, better, more joyful reality you must contain only good emotions and associations. Here it is very important to imagine details that get all your senses going. The more of them the better. Your brain will want to reach the objective quicker.

Write down the benefits of achieving the goal

Writing has some kind of magical power. What is written down is more convincing for the brain than what is said. From here, take some time and write down all the benefits and positive aspects of achieving this goal. It does not matter whether they are trivial or very serious, write what comes to mind. It is important to connect the benefits with your dream, so they are possible to achieve.

Plan your every step

Motivation is supported by detailed planning. Many millionaires achieved their wealth by very detailed daily planning, step by step. When planning, you make a lot less mistakes than if you acted impulsively. By planning you reduce the risk of mistakes.

Apply the five minute method

If you have to do something that you are not keen on doing but it is necessary to be done, use the wise but simple method of five minutes. Agree with yourself that you will only do it for five minutes and not a minute longer. This time perspective will make you, very quickly, do the unattractive activities first and they will ultimately stop becoming a procrastinated inconvenience.In this way, you will tame what you do not like doing and learn not to stall.


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