Peers can make school life a true nightmare for obese children

How to help an obese child?

We all know that children can be cruel to somebody who’s different than they are. The latter includes children with the obesity problem. In order to prevent an obese child becoming a laughing-stock among other children, the first thing you need to do is to make such child aware that they’re just as good as their peers. After you have done that, you can focus on other steps – make the child lose additional pounds and restore their positive self-esteem.

Diet and physical activity

In order to help your child lose additional pounds, you have to change their feeding habits. Keep in mind that this should be a radical change. You can find much useful information about children’s diet online. You can also consult a professional dietician. Another thing is to significantly cut down sweets and junk food in your child’s diet. You can be certain that they won’t be impressed with this decision.

Apart from obeying a strict diet, your child should also become physically active. Start with activities that don’t require other children's presence. Go hiking, rollerblading or cycling. However, the best solutions for those who wish to lose weight is swimming.

Plan your summer holidays in a way that will allow your child being as physically active as possible. Of course, you will have to adjust these activities to your child’s abilities and appreciate even their smallest efforts, in order to encourage them. Keep in mind that under no circumstances can you force your child to be physically active. This may discourage them and have negative consequences.

Take care of your child’s self-esteem

Establishing a diet and encouraging your child to become physically active are relatively simple tasks. However, restoring a child’s faith in themselves is much trickier. Try speaking with your child’s teacher. Perhaps they would appear supportive and try to temper other children’s aggressive behaviours. Another thing you should do is to teach your child assertiveness. Show them how they should react to provocative behaviours and how to defend themselves.

Speak with your child about their advantages. Don’t spear them your kind words. Let them know that the obesity is only a temporary obstacle that doesn’t decrease their true value. Show them the things they’re good at. Your support is vital in restoring your child’s physical, as well as mental balance.


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