tips for child care - let your child develop its creativity in any preffered way

Do not be afraid of your creative child

Each, healthily developing child is a true artist, a volcano of ideas, which surprises with infinite creativity. From a parent depends whether the child will retain its extraordinary and natural openness, or lose it, becoming a person similar to thousands of others. Here some advice for a healthy lifestyle for children.

Don’t limit creativity

If your small child says it wants to be an astronaut, do not explain to it, why it is theoretically impossible. Do not invent thousands of reasons why its idea is irrational. The fact that you do not know anyone who has been an astronaut, or participated in a space mission, does not mean that your child will not succeed. If it does not succeed, you must not destroy a child's imagination. The child is so creative that it can find a place for itself in any profession in the world.

Let it dream

Regardless of how irrational your child’s ideas seem, you must realise that you are an adult now, but also once thought in this way. Think of what you missed out on when you stopped dreaming. Do you want the same life for your child? Every parent without thinking finds that they want their child to be much happier than they were. Then let your child dream and dream to the limits, dream full-time!

Do not make the child complete your unfulfilled dreams

Encourage your child to come up with new activities for self-exploration. Do not tell them- you must be very careful here - to be your mini-me. Don’t make the child do things that you never accomplished. Do not make it be great at karate, because you were forbidden to do this sport in spite of liking it. Let them choose on their own. Let them draw and not attend ballet classes, because other children go there.

Do not mock its ideas and momentary passions

Children are variable; they look for their own path and experiment as much as they can. Sometimes for years inventing themselves all sorts of passions, activities, which over time turn out to be boring and they resign. Give your child the opportunity to try and give up as many times as it can. How else can it know what is good, what gives it joy, and what it wants to improve in?


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