online dating advice - Flirting requires a bit of practice, to become a master in this subtle art

How to flirt?

Flirting is a subtle, charming game between two people generally interested in each other (although this is not a rule). Sometimes flirting is done quite casually, to maintain a good mood, to win someone's affection, or spice up relationships.

Some people have flirting in their blood, they can do it intuitively. Others need to learn this subtle art. If you wish to become a flirt master, immediately we warn you - this art must be constantly practiced. In our article Bien Magazine gives you some advice on how to get started.

Do not say anything directly

Speculation is sexy. Flirt is based on understatements, ambiguities (remember - cannot be vulgar). During a conversation, you have to be mysterious to generate interest in the person you are flirting with.

Stay confident

Self-confidence helps flirting. You need to like yourself, know your strengths to know how to flirt. That is why – think about your assets, whether physical or intellectual, and your confidence will definitely grow. Always remember to smile and maintain the eye contact. Especially discreet and graceful looks into the eyes can excite.

Do not avoid contact and compliments

While flirting, reduce the distance, come closer to the person, but - beware - not too close. You cannot overdo it. Flick him, as if by accident, with your arm, touch his hand with your finger - it is a completely clear signal - "I want to flirt with you."

And the second thing - men love to be praised and appreciated, so it is worth saying something nice to the partner during flirting.

Behave and dress flirtatiously

There are gestures that mean a lot while flirting. Here we will only mention playing with hair - winding long locks on your finger is extremely energising for men.

Similarly with the outfit or makeup. Dress up as to showcase your strengths, but do not wear anything too revealing. Sentence the man to guess and wonder. You need to look brilliant - men are visual learner and are more eager to draw attention to women who are aware of their qualities.


Author: Bien Magazine

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