online dating advice - there are people in the world who have so much natural charm in them that you feel good in their company

Who is a good company on a date?

The date itself is not the first step of getting to know each other. Somehow the date had to be arranged. Both sides did something, attracted each other somehow, made contact. Unless it was a blind date arranged by friends of course.

In most cases we know who we meet on a date. We saw each other before, chatted a little so the ice has been broken. We have to do something to create a chance for a second and future dates. Scientists established what makes people want to spend time together. Below you can find some relationship advice for women and men on dating.

Accepting yourself

People like others who value and like themselves. They have a certain charm which gives others confidence. Someone who accepts themselves fully usually has a positive attitude to other people and the world. They are interested in many things, is open and easy to connect with.

Therefore if you hear from your partner that you look good, don’t deny it. This way you will let your partner know that you do not accept yourself. And we do not value people who speak badly about themselves.

Sad and an unhappy outlook put people off

People can sense the mood. If someone is sad, feeling low, it is hard to expect to have an excellent conversation with them if they have something on their mind that is bothering them. Someone like that will not be the soul of the company. The person will be deep in their thoughts and may not listen to what is being said.

It is similar with people who are constantly unhappy and complain about things. They will not be great company on a date. People like this put others off because they see everything in dark colours.

Natural, open and creative

People appreciate those who do not pretend to be someone else. The more natural and spontaneous you are the more chance you have for a good date and great human relations.

Those who are open, trustworthy and honest in their intentions build good relationships with the environment. Dating people like that can be very pleasant. These kind of people will surprise you with a nice idea, inviting you in an interesting place and will talk with passion. You will feel like you knew each other for years.

Sense of humour

We always feel good in the company of people with a great sense of humour. But it has to be a smart and humane sense of humour. If someone oversteps the boundaries of good taste and social convention their humour may be hurtful. You can have a different conversation with someone who has a positive outlook on life and you may have bad relations with a person who uses their sense of humour to mock others.


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