Relationship tips and advice - excessive jealousy can ruin a relationship

Excessive jealousy in a relationship

Some argue (especially in women's magazines online) that jealousy is like a spice - the excess kills the taste. There is also a saying that there is no love without jealousy. While others assume that jealousy in love is not needed, on the contrary, it is harmful and introduces unnecessary tension. But – you can talk about everything, explain to yourselves, so it makes no sense to play in being jealous.

Maybe each party is a little bit right- it's hard to say who prevails. One thing is clear - obsessive love is definitely very damaging for the relationship, destroying it. If jealousy dominates other feelings, you can be sure that the relationship leans toward the edge.

Lack of confidence undermines the relationship

It begins, apparently, innocently, with simple gestures – checking your partner’s emails and text messages, looking through their phone, then the whole thing becomes much more serious. The scenes of jealousy in front of friends or family, wiretapping their office, or car, the insistent calls at work aimed at checking whether the partner, according to their word, is at work, do not bode well. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. If it is failing, everything else will not be stable.

Jealousy smothers

A person whose partner is madly, insanely jealous, has no space for themselves, they suffocate in a relationship. The partner, encircled and constantly accused of dishonesty, at some point will give up. No one sane would be able to tolerate a situation like this - being perpetually in the cross-hairs. You can not always avoid people, not talk to anyone, to not be accused of potential betrayal.

The partner constantly accused of infidelity, will do what a hunted animal would do – seek an exit and fight for freedom. They will end up lying, cheating, mixing things up, because how else to convince a jealous partner of their faithfulness? And this is how the nightmare spiral continues. People move away from each other more and more.

An innocent, judged

If your partner is really unfaithful, there is a reason to be jealous and the suspicions directed at him are justified. But what if the person is completely innocent? Anyone who did not do anything wrong, but is accused of wrong doing, will start to rebel and resist. What is most paradoxical, the espionage actions, constant fights and suspicions of cheating will eventually provoke them to do something dishonest, say psychologists. According to the rules - if they are accused of cheating either way, there is not much to lose.

Both suffer

Excessive jealousy destroys both partners. The one who accuses another person of infidelity, is tormented to death with the theoretical dishonesty, corners the other due to the fear of loss and lives in a constant, terrible stress. Sometimes they do not realise just how much destruction they have introduced into the relationship and even if they are aware of it, they cannot change it.


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