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About people who have trouble making life changes

People are known from willing to start many ventures, unfortunately, they see very little of them through to the end. They discover an infinite number of obstacles. Starting from the downfall of the will power ending with the smallest details like the leaking sink. It is difficult, unfortunately, to keep up with your own resolutions, to focus all of your will and life's energy on achieving your goal, because you often have to work very hard to achieve it. But - there is no reason to give in at the beginning. The harder it will be, the more good qualities we will create in ourselves. Nevertheless, only a few, unfortunately, can cope with the effort. Here some personality development tips. 

Personality of a person who easily gives in

Researchers distinguish different types of people's personalities who cannot make changes in their own lives. Let's look at some of them. It is worth looking at the examples from a distance and see if there are not features of the described characters in ourselves. It is not easy to judge objectively. We, unfortunately, tend to explain ourselves and justify our actions. But - if you feel that something in your life is seriously wrong, when you feel that days, weeks, months, and years are escaping through your fingers, it means that it is time to see if you are not boycotting your own life. Maybe you cannot open up to change? Maybe you are stuck in one place?

So let’s get to work. Let's look at few personality types of people who will never achieve anything.

A victim - something always stops them from achieving goals

The first type of people who will not achieve any goals is a victim, a person who was just about to do something important right now, but something has stopped them. The intercom broke down, and someone who just wanted to come in was not able to get in, the neighbour needed help because she burned the milk. And so on, over and over again. A victim will always find excuses, whatever the circumstances, to do nothing. And, of course, the daily life is to blame not the person themselves. A nasty fate gets in the way. And then ... after all, it is late and time to go to bed. And later ... it is gray outside the window, who would start working in such weather.


"The Great Man", who sets big goals

The other type is a devotee of extreme solutions, someone who creates big plans, which, of course, can not be realised immediately. Such person will not earn less than three thousand pounds a month, otherwise his efforts will make no sense. But in order to earn every three thousand, they have to do a lot of hard work. But because they have no time to work hard, so ... they wait for the lucky fate. And when nothing happens, they find a new, equally crazy goal. And so on. Years later they realise that they wasted their life in the most dishonest, badly paid job, dreaming many dreams and not moving forward even one step. In their case, hard work, daily devotion and sacrifice is not involved. Either everything or nothing. Unfortunately, as a rule, the latter will prevail.

Going with the flow - meaning "I do not plan anything because I do not know where my life will take me"

The third type drifts through life, carried by the flow of everyday life. They are satisfied  with what the day brings them. If something happens then that is good. If nothing, the better. This person is pleased with the bare minimum. This is a reactive type, adapts to the circumstances. They plan nothing because they do not know what the future will bring. So - basically they stand in one place. And that is how their life disappears between their fingers spent on nothing.

I have everything under control, so I always do the same thing

And the last type – they control every step, know exactly how their every day, month, year should go. They plan and arrange everything, living with a diary in their hand. They hate anything that pushes them out of the agreed path. Their life is driven by routine. Each random life disturbance they treat as an infinite adversity, a difficulty that can ruin their carefully planned life. And - for nothing in the world they cannot be diverted from the beaten path.


Such people, unfortunately, will not be able to keep up with the resolutions and goals. Why? Because they do not move from the place where they stand. And it is hard to get anywhere if you do not make a step...


Author: Bien Magazine

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