best personal development tips, It is not important what others say about you

Do not worry about what others are saying

Humans, unfortunately, are guided by the opinions of others, attempting this way to create their own lives. It is good to take into consideration wise advise and valuable thoughts based on other people's experiences. Every information has to be analysed, related to your life and checked how well the new way of thinking works.

Unfortunately, many people listen to bad advice, opinions impacting their development, worry about what other people have said and try at all costs to please everyone. What is the effect of those actions? The world is still very critical and an unfortunate person trying to surrender to it is increasingly unhappy. Here are some of our best personal development tips.

Do not let others hurt you

Many people feel terrible when they hear something unpleasant said to them, when someone criticises or assesses them. Try not to belong in this group. Determine that you are only interested in the opinion of people you care about dearly, those that you know wish you well. Others - let them say what they want, let them criticise until they are blue in their faces. You can’t expect the world to "switch off", you won’t be able to take away people’s basic pleasure – ill speaking of others.

You lose out, not your critics

If someone tells you that you are good for nothing and you care about their opinion, who loses? Who will feel terribly for the next days, weeks, or even years? Did the person who judged you lose something? Unfortunately not. They hurt you, maybe caused you to feel bad about something you did (which happens occasionally), they probably strengthen their own position this way. They felt better, because their words had an impact on you and made you feel bad. Who won?

Answer for your emotions

To free yourself from the opinions others have about you, you have to take the full control over your emotions. There is no other way. Until you build a wall in your head that prevents the outside world accessing it and criticising, there will always be someone who can hurt you. Think about whether people are right about you? Do they know you as well as you know yourself?

Think about a very clever sentence - others will hurt you as much as you will let them. If you want to spend all your life being a slave to what someone said about you - good luck.


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