Personal development top tips - Self – motivation amongst many other things is something you have to learn by yourself

How to build self-motivation

Honestly answer the question, how many times do you put off for later, things that you do not really want to do? How many times do you circle around the necessary to resolve the matter, because you have no strength to face it head on. Are you a brave man who loves to smash and ram out of the way any problems you face? Or do you belong to a huge group of those who love to put things off "for later"?

If you belong to the first group, reading our text in your case misses its purpose and will be a waste of time. If you operate in the second group, it is a clear sign that you have trouble with self-motivation. Find below our personal development tips.

What is self-motivation?

Motivation is our inner power that propels us to action. What is unusual is that it is not influenced by any external stimuli, because they neither build it nor destroy it. You create motivation yourself.

How to build an inner motivation - setting goals

Scientists have identified two main elements that build self-motivation. When you fulfill these two tasks, your self-motivation will work properly.

First of all, you need to determine what and why you have to do. If, for example, you are learning a foreign language, because you were told to, but you are not going abroad and you do not know anyone who speaks this language – you do not have the motivation to learn. The situation is different when you are awaiting to go on holidays abroad, or there is a beautiful friend abroad that does not speak your native language.

You need to establish a list (long or short) of goals that you will fulfill while performing the task. This, interestingly, applies equally to powerful challenges (learning a foreign language), or trivial tasks (washing curtains). If you know why you do it, you are well on your way to get your self-motivation working. You need to know what effects will be triggered by your actions - invoke only positives. You need to know what level of expertise you want to achieve when it comes to the important tasks. In case of harder objectives and their determination you may need a bit more time and to work more strenuously, it will require time and energy.

How to build self - motivation - learn how to act

Once you know what to do and why you do it, this does not mean that you will act. You have to know how to do it. You need to plan your actions in detail, you can not go with the flow, because nothing will come of it. You also cannot allow yourself to have any depressing or discouraging thoughts ( "To learn a foreign language, I need thousands of hours and a bunch of practice! I cannot do it!" "To wash curtains I have to climb a ladder and put them into the washing machine - a nightmare!") . With such an assumption you will not get anywhere. Because you will not even start.

Find your motivation or search for inspiration

You need to find many methods to achieve your goal. Among them there will certainly be one that will give you real pleasure. If you have trouble with creativity, search online for help, among friends, or people who have been doing for a long time what you are just beginning. For example, if you love to read, search for simple stories written in a foreign language, listen to audio-books. Learning will go like clockwork.

And - finally - act. Do not give yourself respite in moments when you are particularly discouraged. In those moments you need to take your life in your hands and order yourself to complete each task set out. Pride that comes from overcoming your own limits, is a powerful stimulator for self-motivation.


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